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  • Squirrel Removal

    Squirrel Removal

    The squirrel can become quite a nuisance after it chews through facia board or roof panels and gains access into your attic and walls. If you believe you have a squirrel in your attic, you’ll likely encounter 4 or 5 or more instead. Squirrels are very social and will remain as a family together. Squirrels […]

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  • Skunk Removal

    Skunk Removal

    Skunks, like raccoons and opossums, frequently dig in grass in search of grubs, beetles and other ground inhabiting insects for food. Symptoms of skunk damage appears as 2-3 inch cone shaped holes or small tufts of dirt piled up. There could easily be dozens of holes dug in a very small area of the lawn. […]

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  • Raccoon Removal

    Raccoon Removal

    Raccoons are a problem for home owners all over. With our raccoon removal system, control of your raccoon issue is just a phone call away! Raccoons will consume nearly anything including fish, fruits, nuts and grains and other small mammals. Raccoons have amazing dexterity which allows them to open things with their feet including doors, […]

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  • Opossum Removal

    Opossum Removal

    An opossum is a grayish-white animal with a scaly, hairless tail and sometimes misidentified as a very large rat. It has pointed snout and is about the size of a house cat; weighing up to 12 pounds and 3 feet in length. They eat a wide range of foods, including but not limited to road […]

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  • Removing Bats

    Removing Bats

    As helpful as bats are in controlling the insect population around us (eating several hundred mosquitoes per hour each), you may not like the idea of having them as house guests! Bats do not chew holes in buildings like mice do. They find openings that are less than an inch wide to come in or […]

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  • Mole and Vole Removal

    Mole and Vole Removal

    Moles and voles are not at all alike. There are also different steps taken to remove each type of animal from the area. Voles Voles are small rodents that live in field and shrub habitats. Voles have smaller eyes and ears when compared with a mouse. Pine voles have tails about the same length as […]

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